San Francisco Animal Care and Control programs funded by FSFACC include:

  • Behavior & Training (B&T): FSFACC provides funding for Behavior & Training support staff. Funding also helps with animal enrichment (toys and treats) and assists with resources for staff and volunteer classes and trainings. Donated funds also help to support the Foster Program for underage kittens and puppies.
  • Medical Emergency Funding: FSFACC provides funding for specialized medical treatments or procedures that the shelter is not able to provide, in accordance with FSFACC Medical Emergency Funding Protocols.
  • Rabies and Microchip Supplies: FSFACC funds quarterly free microchip (for S.F. licensed dogs) and low-cost rabies vaccinations clinics as a public service to the community.
  • Marketing/Outreach:  The Friends of SFACC provides funding for special projects to help promote FSFACC’s mission and S.F. Animal Care and Control, including through the creation and management of digital, broadcast, and print campaigns.
  • Events: The Friends of SFACC assists with funding and planning S. F. Animal Care and Control employee and volunteer appreciation parties and holiday events.
  • Capital Campaigns: FSFACC also engages in fundraising for specific capital projects to ensure that a world class city has a world class shelter for its animals.
  • Rescue Partner Grants: FSFACC awards local animal rescue groups with small grants to help them rescue all species of animals from S.F. Animal Care and Control. The Rescue Partner grants also keep the Bay Area rescue community engaged with ACC, including them in their own network and adding a potential adopter base. In 2018, Friends awarded grants to the following rescue groups:

BASH (Bay Area Siberian Husky)
Copper’s Dream
German Shepherd Rescue of Nor. California
Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
Grateful Dogs Rescue
Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Miranda’s Rescue
Cal. Division of So. Cal Dachshund Relief
Cal Bulldog Rescue
North Star Rescue
Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue
Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue
Rocket Dog Rescue
Schwartz Family Animal Welfare Foundation – Toy Breed
Sonoma County Reptile Rescue
SF Rescued Orphan Mammal Program – Wildlife
Veterinary Street Outreach Services (VetSOS)
Wonder Cat Rescue
Wonder Dog Rescue