SFACC Partner: Full Belly Bus Helps Our Community’s Pets in Need

By Paula Benton
FBB Founder and SFACC Behavior & Training

Without hesitation, I think we all can agree that our pets are often our favorite family members and friends. Watching over our bonded companions gives us a sense of acceptance, love, stability, pride and purpose as we try to be the best caregiving humans we can be. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis, this experience of self-worth through caring for an animal is vital for many people experiencing homelessness and unstable housing.

Although Full Belly Bus (FBB) has asked our valued volunteers to stay sheltered in place, our board is stepping up safely to double our outreach to pet owners in need. In addition to the five Navigation Centers that we continue to support monthly with individually packed pet-care bags complete with food and supplies; we are providing contactless free dog and cat food curbside pickup at St. Anthony’s twice a month. FBB has also extended our support to three city implemented “hotels” during the Covid outbreak and next month, in partnership with San Francisco Animal Care & Control, we will support the new RV Park pet owners.

At this time Full Belly Bus is experiencing twice the need for our help with half the usual resources and we truly need your support with pet food donations. Nothing is too little. Here are three ways you can help fill some furry bellies!

1. Drop off treats and unexpired dry and canned cat & dog food donations to:

    • Martha & Bros. Coffee Co. at 1551 Church St., Monday-Sunday, 7am-1pm
    • Noe Valley Farmers Market at 3861 24th St., Saturday, 10am-1pm
    • The UPS Store at 4104 24th St., Monday-Saturday, 10am -2pm2.

2. For contactless porch pick up, text 415-525-95283.

3. Order pet food online and ship to: Full Belly Bus, 4104 24th St, #937, SF CA 94114

With your help we can continue to create a culture of providing care without conditions and help without judgement to our community’s pets and owners in need. Thank you and be safe!