May 2023

Long-time resident Ash has been adopted!

Pumpkin was adopted last week and we already have an update! “He is adjusting to his new home very quickly. He is a load of sweetness and chill. He loves to balance between “me time” and one-on-one petting sessions.” His adopter hopes his former person (who had to surrender him because they were too ill to care for him) will see this post and know that “He is loved and happy.”

Cutie pie bun Biscuit has found her forever family, who adopted a hamster from us last year!

Adoption update! Bella (formerly Baby Beluga) was adopted in February after patiently waiting for months. “She is loving life!” And she’s sure looking great! One of our dog volunteers reports “I get the great pleasure of dog-sitting her when momma is out of town.”

Reunited and it feels so good! This black and white cutie is Rio. He was stolen from his owner’s car (as well as all the belongings from the car) at 12 weeks old and after filing police reports, hiring pet detectives, and looking for her puppy for about 6 months, she finally gave up looking and moved on with her life. Fast forward 1 ½ years later and this dog arrives as a stray and his microchip links to the woman whose puppy was stolen. They are now happily reunited! Had it not been for the microchip she never would have seen her beloved puppy again. She is thankful to the staff for all their care of Rio while he was with us. Microchip your pets and make sure the information is updated when you move! 

Another update on Poppy (formerly Priscilla): “Hi Family! Tracy tells me I am the best ever girl and I am home. I think home means she takes me on lots of walks and lets me sniff, she knows how to scratch the best spot, she talks to me in a silly voice, she accidently drops bacon, she doesn’t care if I don’t bring the ball back, she lets me sleep on the bed in my spot, and she always tells me she loves, loves, loves me. I give her my best ever love back. Larry is pretty okay too. Bye!”

House panther sweetie Gigi has been adopted!

Darling pup Girl Scout has gone home!

Wee kitten Kryze has found her furrever family!

Adoption update! Tuxie beauty Anni-Frida was adopted in 12/22 as a kitten. “Anni-Frida (we also call her Lulu) is a playful and active kitty, and the whole family is having a blast with her.”

Sweet little kitten Cobbler was adopted this weekend. He has a new name, Kiwi, and lots of fun toys to play with.

Wee house panther Paco has been adopted!

Bonded tabby teens PJ and JJ have found their forever family!

Sweet tuxie gal Fennel has a new home and a new name: Miss Mittens! 

Raise the roof! Bonded pair Salt & Pepper have been adopted!



Sterling with her new mom, who then had her DNA tested and here are the results…



Willow, now Raven


April 2023

Poppy (fka Priscilla) adoption update! “Hi SFACC Family – Today marks Poppy’s 31st day with us and she celebrated with a hamburger “cake” and a hike in the drizzly rain. She is the absolute best dog and Larry and I are so in love with her. She has had a few adventures these past couple weeks – been to Sunriver, Oregon and saw snow and has met the Pacific Ocean a few times. She loves to romp on the beach!

We are working on training and she is really mastering recall. Most importantly, she was always a happy dog but now she is showing more confidence and curiosity daily. She can walk on a leash without being fearful of trucks and loud noises (her brother Teddy helps her) and she loves to sun in the backyard on her bed. She and Teddy get along beautifully and are seldom apart. She has also gained a couple pounds and filled out a bit.

She is bringing us so much joy and we are so grateful to SFACC staff and volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Poppy wanted me to send you this message – “Hi – I love you guys but I think I will stay here. I like it a lot. My mom calls me all kinds of silly names and gives me the 100 kisses torture each night before bed. Bye!”

Much love, Tracy and Larry”

Monday is a great day for Sundae: This sweet senior lady was just adopted!

Wee pup Lil Baby was adopted last week and we have an update! “Lil Baby has been super sweet and likes cuddles all day everyday. she’s doing well and she behaves well. She is a Velcro dog but I’m looking forward to her training! She loooves snuggling in between pillows and being comfy, especially because of the coldness here in Daly City! She’s super cute! I named her Guinevere; she responds well to the name and behaves when I call her Guinevere. Her fave toy is the cow, she snuggles with it.”

Pierre (soon to be Bruce) and his new forever family! They’re planning his Instagram account and we can’t wait to hear updates!

Penny was adopted in 2019: “She was so shy when I first met her. I was told she was taken to Petco to see if it would help get her adopted because she hid from strangers at the shelter. I went to Hawaii for a week but couldn’t stop thinking about her and the day I got home she returned to the shelter from Petco. When I went to visit her the second time, she crawled right into my lap and I knew it was meant to be!

She follows me everywhere and is always either in my lap, on my shoulder, or sleeping on me. Her nickname is Penny Pie. …I adopted her about a year after my 20-yr-old cat, Rocky, passed away.”

Yay! Merlin has been adopted.

Precious pup Cypress has gone home and is now called Bruce.

“We adopted these two guinea pigs on 3/28/23. Mother and daughter, they are now Luna and Estrella, and we just want to let you know they are living their best life.”

Wee hammies Ping and Pong were adopted together. What a great Saturday!

Chubby cheeked bun boy Chalk found his family. Hoppy tails!

Double the yays! Bonded pair of piggies Finnegan & Monty have been adopted.

Silly pup Cereal has gone home with his happy new family.

Double adoption update with double the scruffimuffins! Darling duo Lucy and Sidney, were adopted from ACC 11 years ago (!) in 2012 by a volunteer and are still going strong. And still looking ridiculously adorable!

Sequoia adopted!

Mork and his new mom!

Parker adopted and going home!



Cute little Nashville!

Nora will have a feline brother.

March 2023

In March, SFACC had 47 adoptions (10 cats, 16 dogs, and 21 other species). In addition, the shelter transferred 192 animals to adoption partners (38 cats, 68 dogs, and 86 other species). A total of 239 animals got a second chance. Thank you to everyone involved!

Yay! Spectre the skinny pig has gone home!

Moth is off to his forever home. His youngest adopter definitely won’t forget Moth’s bag of kibble!

Firefly has been adopted and is clearly ready to start her modeling career. Look at that pose!

Puppy cutie Suzy went home with a new brother, Boone. Looks like they went to the same Blue Steel school of modeling

Guinea pig cutie Alfredo has been adopted! He went home to live with a guinea pig brother!

POPPY UPDATE: “Hi SFACC Family – Just wanted to end your week on a light note with an update on Poppy (formerly Priscilla). She is so happy here and we are so happy she has joined our family. She and Teddy are the best of friends, she got a new coat which she loves, and a new bed which she loves (only for day use – nights she is in the bed with us!) and she is def not a fan of rainy weather! But Saturday will be sunny so we are going on a hike tomorrow.

She is the perfect fit for our family and we are so grateful to SFACC staff and volunteers. Really, we would have paid tens of thousands for this beautiful lovey squishy perfect girl!”

Little guy Crackle has been adopted! His new name is Artemis.

Sweet pup Tara was adopted yesterday! Her new name is Luna and she’s doing great with her new family!

Teeny tiny chi Kiwi has been adopted! She joined her new sister Frijolita, who was adopted from us last year.







Our resident hunk Roman has gone home!

February 2023

In February, SFACC had 51 adoptions (20 cats, 4 dogs, and 27 other species). In addition, the shelter transferred 120 animals to adoption partners (23 cats, 72 dogs, and 25 other species). A total of 171 animals got a second chance. Thank you to everyone involved!

Super sweet house panther Luther has been adopted.

Parakeet Binder has gone home.

Shy sweetie Ferula has found her forever family.

Chonky senior sweetheart Smoke has gone home.

“Hi all! It’s me Rocky, formerly known as Craig! It’s been a year since I went home with my family to Oregon. Since then I have grown up to the handsome guy you see in the picture! My daily adventures include forest walks, playing in the snow, watching all the wildlife roam by, including turkeys, deer, foxes, and chickens. My favorite snack is turkey poop. I have had several playdates with the local girls, Misty, Missy and Luna. I get to go for rides with Dad to his jobs and I am a good boy. My favorite stop is the post office because the lady behind the desk will ask me to sit then throw me a treat! I sure have them all trained! The only thing I haven’t mastered yet is the big black kitty. He’s still a brute, but we are making progress. Mom says I play too hard with him, but I can’t help it. He’s so fluffy!”

Sweet lop-eared Peter Rabbit found his forever family.

Mustachioed lady Charlie was adopted recently and we already got an update: “Want to send you a heartfelt thank you for the service you provide. I recently adopted Charlie cat from SFACC. She is doing well and we are so happy. Shout out to Eddie for helping me with 1:1 visit with her and all the SFACC team members for looking out for pets’ welfare.”

Loretta, formerly known as Pink, was adopted in October after a patiently waiting almost 3 months. “She is a happy, smart, active and cuddly little lady. She is more than I could have hoped for, I feel quite lucky to have her as part of the family and am looking forward to all the adventures to come!! She continues to thrive and share her sweet love with everyone (human or animal) she meets!”

Tuxie boy Bandit was adopted about a month ago and we already have an update… “Overall, he’s been getting along great with my other cat, Ollie. He’s very cuddly & affectionate and playful.

Thank you for the wonderful cat and the amazing work you all do! I feel very lucky.”

Teeny hamster Wesley went home with his new family!

After waiting patiently for months and winning all our hearts, Baby Beluga has been adopted! Her new name is Bella, which is perfect for such a lovely lady. Her adopter‘s previous dog was also a pittie mix from SFACC; she clearly has excellent taste!

Adoption update! Sweet boy Toby (fka Marcus) was adopted just a couple of months ago and has already settled in to his new home! He loves hanging out on the balcony and watching birds, as well as enjoying the view out his windows.

Big boy Norm got adopted before we even had a chance to share him on social media! He’s been adopted by a family with Newfie experience and lots of love to give.

Florence the gecko was adopted a few weeks ago and is doing great in her new home. She’s napping happily in her hidey hole.

Beautiful Sukker was adopted today.

Adoption update! “Thank you, SFACC, for a smooth adoption! Sunday the scruffin muffin (now “Sunray” because she is a ray of sunshine in our family) was adopted in December 2022. She has transitioned beautifully to her new home, loving regular hikes/walks especially during the golden hour, and playing toys/fetch. She is everything and so much more to our family. we are grateful.”

Mother & daughter Brie & Gruyère were adopted together! And their adopter is as cute as they are!

Sweet Bonnie is moving to Sacramento, where she’ll be living with a feline sibling. 

January 2023

Congratulations to all the animals adopted in January!

Woo hoo! After almost 10 months of waiting, Spearow has been adopted. Just in time for the Year of the Rabbit!

Floppy-eared sweetie Emma found her forever family! She has a brother named Rufus.

Mathilda, now Tilly

Junior house panther Pudding has gone home.

Crumpet is one cute kitten and her new family is super cute too.

Adoption update: “Wanted to send an email about the kitten I was so blessed to have been able to adopt on September 7th. His given name was Felix but I chose to name him Fish!! He has warmed up wonderfully and I’m very proud to be his mom! Still not entirely sure how old he is but he was said to be about 5 months when I adopted him!! He still has lots of kitten mannerisms but he has grown and blossomed so much. He’s become quite the picky and spoiled type but he deserves it, thank you for connecting me to him and allowing me to adopt him into my little family.”

Adoption update: “I wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt Atticus (now Foley) in August of last year. He is a sweet, rambunctious guy who loves naps, playing, and video bombing Zoom calls. He’s grown a bit, and has become quite the fierce house panther. Many a cat toy has met its end in his claws. But being a well-rounded gentleman, he is also a champion snuggler. I’m so appreciative of the great care received while at Animal Care and Control and the amazing staff and volunteers who helped him find his forever home. I wish you all the best in this holiday season and the year to come.”

Sweet puppy Pluto has gone home!

Thank you to big bun Alex the Great and his person for the donation of veggies for our buns and guinea pigs! They’ll be snacking very happily!

Double adoption update: Essex (was Milky Way) was adopted in December and she’s settled right in with her new family, including her new sister, 15yo SFACC alumni Freckles. “Essex is doing great! Freckles is very patient with Essex and they are a crack up for sure.”

Teen kitten girl Shangri-La went home today!

Floofy tailed ginger boy Ralph has been adopted.

Miss Sandra Dee has left the building with her new family. She waited patiently at SFACC for more than four months to find her people. We couldn’t be happier for her!

Teen kitten cutie Calypso has gone home.

Adoption Update: “Bodhi (formerly Harrison) during his first trip to the snow. We adopted him in early November from you. He loved the snow (after a few hours) and absolutely loved the fire. We love him SO much!!!!”

Happy tails Sterling! She’s off to her forever home with a big couch and a kitty sibling!