The success of San Francisco Animal Care and Control depends on a network of rescue organizations in the bay area and beyond to take in animals that need more care and training than SFACC is able to provide, for a variety of reasons. For an available animal that has been at the shelter a while, a new group might offer more adoption exposure. Some animals don’t pass their behavior or medical evaluations, and a rescue group might take them in and provide the extra care needed. A goal of SFACC is to move as many animals out of the shelter environment and into homes─or in the case of wildlife, released─as quickly as possible. The partner organizations help achieve that goal.

Adoption Partner Grants

Each year, Friends awards local animal rescue/adoption groups with small grants to help them rescue all species of animals from SFACC. The Rescue Partner grants also keep the Bay Area rescue community engaged with our shelter and include our animals in their own network, adding a potential adopter base. 

In 2022, the following organizations received microgrants from Friends of SFACC:

Cali FID Parrot and Exotics Rescue
Copper’s Dream Rescue
Dog Zone
Every Pet’s Dream Rescue
Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
Grateful Dogs Rescue
JNW Reptiles
Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
Norcal Bulldog Rescue
NorCal Bully Breed Rescue
Ohlone Humane Society
One Living Sanctuary Rescue
Pack Lyfe Rescue
Pure Breds Plus Rescue
Ratical Rodent Rescue
Saving Grace Rescue
Snap Cats 
Sonoma Reptile
Sweet Farm
The Heart of Rescue (THOR)
Town Cats Rescue
Toy Dog
Underdog Animal Rescue
We Care Animal Rescue
WildCare Solutions
YGGDRASIL Urban Wildlife Rescue

The Rescue Partner Grant Program is one of many programs funded by the Friends of SFACC.

Featured Rescue Partner: Palomacy.