Please visit the SFACC website and Facebook page to see current animals available for adoption.

All animals you adopt from SFACC receive the following:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • A microchip (dogs/cats)
  • Up-to-date shots
  • License (dogs/cats)
  • One free visit to an S.F. veterinarian


Timothy McFreckle-Face is a happy-go-lucky cutie with freckles on his face, amazing ears, and the sweetest personality. Timothy is the master of the bootie wiggle, loves people and other dogs, loves treats, and loves toys. This little boy is a delightly compact size (only 40lbs), is eager to get a proper education via positive reinforcement/rewards based training, and is ready to the rainbow on your cloudy day! Come meet this real honey of a boy today! ID#: A498709, 1 year 3 months old


Craig is a chatty black and white gent who’d love to greet you at your door and tell you all about his day. He has some fascinating opinions! Craig is friendly and curious and very handsome. He was stressed when he arrived here at the shelter and will do best with a savvy adopter who’ll help him adjust to his new home and feel comfortable.
ID#: A507011, 2 yrs. old


Double the love. Adopt a pair of cats/kittens

They’ll give each other exercise and company when you’re not home, and give you twice the entertainment, love, and purrs. There’s not much added cost to having a second kitty.

Adopt one cat or kitten and get the second one for 50% off!


Small animals…

Our foster says: This bonded pair are both sweet, inquisitive, and shy but enjoy they enjoy a nice lap sit. They love to sing, especially when they know that snack time is coming. A larger pen would be best for them as Shadow can be a bit bossy with Oreo in a smaller area.