Make Your Mark!

The needs of San Francisco’s domestic and wild animals exceed the current financial resources available. To fund the numerous programs that are not provided for by the City and raise funds for the new facility, Friends of SFACC is embarking on an historic five-year comprehensive campaign to secure the resources needed to realize this vision.

Donors of $25,000 or more can name an area or room in the new building. Gifts of $10,000 or more will be recognized on a Donor Wall in the new building. Names will be on permanent display and placed/sized according to the amount of the gift. For more information, please contact us by email: or by phone: (415) 496-6865.

You Name It…

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Lobby: $1,000,000

Courtyard: $500,000

Big Classroom: $250,000

Vet Suite: $250,000

Small Classroom: $100,000

Intake | Lost Lobby: $100,000

Lost | Stray Cat Room: $100,000

Lost | Stray Dog Room: $100,000

Dog Adoption Rooms | 2: $50,000

Cat Adoption Rooms | 5: $50,000

Cat Get Acquainted Room: $50,000

Dog Get Acquainted Room: $50,000

Volunteer Room: $50,000

Dog Co-Housing Rooms | 5: $25,000

Cat Co-Housing Rooms | 2: $25,000

Roof Dog Play Spaces | 2: $25,000

Smalls Adoption Room: $25,000

Bird Adoption Room: $25,000

Reptile Adoption Room: $25,000

Wildlife Room: $25,000

Roof: Dog Play Spaces | 2: $25,000

Roof: Small Play Space: $25,000

Dental Suite: $25,000


The Donor Wall…

Friends of SFACC is sponsoring a donor wall that will be a decorative feature, using “food bowl” circles. Smaller bowls will commemorate donations of $10,000 – $24,999 and larger bowls honor donations of $25,000+.  To find out more, email