Kittens are here! Kitten Season typically lasts from Spring to Fall, and during that time SFACC is packed with babies. We are asking that our animal-loving community lend an extra paw to help with this Kitten Season.

With your help, we will be able to purchase all of the supplies needed to care for the kittens while they are on-site and in their foster homes.

 $25 provides a weeks-worth of food for a kitten.

 $75 provides a soft pen for a litter of kittens.

$100 provides a scale, heating pad, and critical diet to a bottle-feeding foster kitten.

$250 ensures that a foster home has all the special supplies they need to care for their orphaned kittens throughout the season.

Learn more and view kitten intake stats.

For those who prefer to donate items, please take a look at our Amazon or Chewy wishlist to see what is most needed and consider supporting a local pet store through your purchase.

Kitten Foster Program

Another way to help the kittens is by becoming a foster. The shelter takes in roughly 800-1000 kittens during this time so foster homes are critical to giving kittens a chance at a happy life. SFACC will give you all the supplies–you provide the time, love, and attention they need to grow up and graduate into adoptable companions! The program helps connect willing foster homes with the shelter staff so they receive appropriate care, socialization, and come back for adoption when the time is right.

Learn more and complete the application to become a kitten foster. Animals assisted by this program include orphaned kittens, unweaned (bottle-fed) kittens, and mom cats with litters.