October 2023

Sweet Cora has gone home! She’d been waiting patiently since early August. We’re going to miss her, but we’re thrilled she found her family!

Adoption update! “Hi – It has been 7 months since we were lucky enough to get Poppy (aka Priscilla). I wanted to let you and your team know she is the BEST dog and brings us so much joy and love.

She went through training and knows all the basics plus some fun stuff and walks on and off leash like a champ. She loves to hike off leash, play with the big jolly ball in the back yard, sleep on the bed and most of all get love and snuggles.

We love her through and through and can’t imagine life without her.”

Chonky lovebug Bentley has gone home.

Fluffy boy Angel has gone home to live with some new piggy siblings!

Husky beauty Fairy Dust.

Guthrie has gone home.

Batito! He was adopted only last month and we swear he’s gotten even bigger! He looks like a grown up, very handsome dog. 

Sweet senior Teacup Chloe has been adopted by a couple who recently lost their pittie. And we have a couple of updates. She’s settling in nicely!

 Lop eared sweetie Lucas has been adopted.

Kitten Harvey Dent was adopted by his fosters. Yay for foster wins!

Teen kitten Otter has gone home. He was adopted before we even got a good photo of him!

Wee bun Casala has gone home. She was adopted from us earlier this year, but was returned when her adopter became too ill to take care of her. Hoppy tails!

Yay fluffy Chef Carmy! The floofiest bun got a fabulous forever home with a bunny sibling.

Bonded kitten pair Eggplant and Beet have gone home together and they have even more delicious names: Zatar and Lebna!

Teeny puppy Bao Bao has gone home! Looks like lots of kisses are in store for his new family.

Teens Wally and Niles went home together with an adopter who recently lost her senior cat. We love it when pairs stay together!

Senior sweetie Hollie has gone home. Happy tails!

Sweet boy Gus has gone home.






Sam is his family’s first cat. Congrats!


Thumper, now Nova.


September 2023

Batito and his spectacular ears went home with his new family!

Tabby teen cutie Luna was adopted before we even had a chance to post her on Facebook.

Cornelius has gone home! His adopter and their roommate came in with two friends to adopt him.

Winter, an Ornate Box Turtle, has a new home.

Senior beauty Zooey

Lovely bun Svetlana

Bonded pair of guinea pigs Hash Brown and Horchata have gone home together.

Sweetie pie senior Bonobo has gone home. Senior cats rule!

Ginger gem kitten Austin is going home to two SFACC alums adopted in 2020. 

Scrumptious puppy boy Willy Nilly and his flawless smokey eyes went home.

Darling puppy Barbie’s adopters were waiting outside before the shelter opened.

Sweet lady lap cat Nymeria

Lap cat extraordinaire Angelo is going home to both a human sibling and a cat sibling, who was adopted from SFACC as part of a kitten pair in 2010 and has been lonely since his sibling passed. Love bug Angelo has lots of love to share!

A week after Posey was adopted (in Sept.), we got an update: “Posey (now known as Mary) is a perfect fit with the family and co-workers. She is loved and she gives love in return.”

Bonded kitten cuties Poppy & Lilac have gone home together!

Sweet puppy Marley

Polydactyl junior house panther Trevor

Adoption update! Nebula (fka Dimple) was adopted a year ago this month. She’s had a wonderful first year, with training classes, adventures and cuddles. Happy adoptaversary!

Dot and Little One were adopted together. We love that!

Freya was adopted by SF State students.

Guinea pigs Sue and Sandy were adopted together!

Beautiful Medusa

Fun puppy McKenzie has gone home with her new family!

Warby Parker has left the building!

August 2023

Playful kitten Randy has been adopted by SFACC Animal Care Attendant Tom and his son, summer intern Jake!

Double rabbit adoption! Bonded pair Egypt & Pharaoh have gone home. Hoppy tails!

Adoption update! “Hello, just wanted to update you on Fritz (previously Jax). I adopted her about 3 years ago and she is the best dog i could’ve asked for! Fritz is always happy to go on adventures and loves the beach + park. She loves spending time in our backyard sunbathing as much as she can and enjoying our fresh berries from the garden. She is happy, healthy and definitely the most spoiled girl ever. Thank you so much for everything you do! You can also follow along to see her next adventures on Instagram @fritzinsf “

Sweet boy Roger was adopted and he’s going to have a new brother.

Guinea pig sisters Blossom & Buttercup adopted after the young adopter presented his research and prep to his family in Power Point!

Fun pup Valentino has gone home! He’s going to have a new canine sister Gidget.

Smart puppy Josey has picked her family. Tag, you’re pawrents!

Rattie sisters Lola & Nikki have been adopted together! Happy tails!

Super sweet bunny Drizzle has been adopted! Looks like lots of fun & love are in store!

Kitten cuties Nigel and Percy were adopted together! We love it when kittens go home in pairs: double the love and fun!

Sweet wee scruffimuffin Angus was adopted today! His adopter has adopted from us not once, but twice before. 

Kitten cutie Ferguson was adopted by one of our dog volunteers!

Darling piggie Emmylou has been adopted! She has a new sibling in forever home.

Sweet kitten boy Ice was adopted! He was the last of his litter; he was just waiting for his forever family to show up.

Big sweetie Eggo has gone home with a canine sibling with a very similar look. Twinning!

Petite sweetie Zelda has gone home!

Darling pup Curtis has gone home with his new family, including a new big canine sister. 

Purrfectly named Just Beautiful has been adopted! 

Butterscotch has gone home with her forever family. Hoppy tails!


Extra (on the right, now Barnabas) and his new sister California Sweet Potato (Cali).

Gin has been adopted and going home to an older cat sibling.





Momo and Too Cute were adopted together. Yay!

Nook and Cranny are going home together!


July 2023

In July, SFACC had 70 adoptions (45 cats, 15 dogs, and 10 other species). In addition, the shelter transferred 268 animals to adoption partners (72 cats, 83 dogs, and 113 other species). A total of 338 animals got a second chance.

Bunday adoption update! “Freddie has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She is super sweet and loves hanging out with us in the living room. She entertains us with her binkies (sidekicks!) and zoomies. She’s also a great cuddler and listener — the kids love to read to her and it has really helped with their confidence. We are so grateful to our friend Angie and her family for doing such an amazing job fostering her and nurturing her into such a social butterfly. We love her so much!”

Woohoo! After waiting almost 4 months, sweet boy Jacob has been adopted!

After her 10-month stay at SFACC, Nancy has been adopted. Her new name is Daisy. Hooray! Kudos to the volunteers who helped Nancy during that time at the shelter by giving her consistent training and field trips.

Kitten pair Mork & Mindy have gone home together. Yay!

Little tabby kitten Marble was adopted by their foster.

Lovely senior gent Ernest has been adopted by a very happy family.

Sweet pup Minnie Mouse and her huge ears have gone home!

Mystery mutt puppy cutie Teeny has gone home! Looks like lots of kisses in their future!

Cuddlebug Starlight has found her forever family!

Beautiful Gloria was adopted! The adoption was a few weeks ago but it’s never too late to celebrate! Congratulations!


Beautiful Storm has a new family.

June 2023

French Fries has been adopted! Here he is (left) going home with his new family, including new big brother Ricardo Tubbs!

“We adopted Maverick now Simon aka Snoop Cat last June 2022. Simon was very shy and withdrawn at the shelter but something kept attracting me to him. It’s been a slow process for Simon to open up and relax but it is so worth it. He is like a flower opening up and now sleeps close to my side every night and follows me around like a dog. He is one of the noisiest kitties I’ve ever had. He is very clever, opening doors, and even snooping on the internet lol. He has been a lot of fun and adds a lot of spice to our apartment.”

“I adopted this cutie a few months ago. While waiting on me lol his name was Kiefer I believe. He is now Boo and is as sweet as sugar. Plays fetch with his balls and enjoys sitting by the window. Thought i would send some pictures of this handsome boy in his forever home!”

After waiting 6 months at the shelter and losing his beloved sister, Koda has found his forever home, complete with new big beds to lie on, new friends of all species, and so many new smells to explore. His adopter says “He’s such a good boy and loves the farm.” Happiest of tales for Koda!

After arriving at the shelter very scared, then slowly coming out of his shell thanks to the help of volunteers and staff, Draco has found his forever home. Happy tails sweetie!

Winston and Bertie adopted together.

Handsome Casper was adopted last month and we already got a great update: “After much deliberation we have named him Louie, and we are absolutely in love with this little love bug. He’s slowly exploring the house and is learning to coexist with our dog Basil. We hope soon they will be friends! Thank you for bringing him into our lives.”

Junior house panther Jellybean has been adopted!

We love when alumni visit! Beautiful Esther Rose was adopted from us way back in June 9, 2012 and is doing great. She and her mom came by to renew her license and check out the new shelter.

A great update: “This is coco and I got her last month at the shelter and she loves the sun so much!!!!! Yes please she is so happy living with me in Japan town, and has taken a liking to cuddles, as usual, and ham, and cuddles in the morning, and lots of love.”

Our favorite cow pittie Tillamook has been adopted! Happy tails!

Another happy adoption update! “I just wanted to share that I adopted my dog Harry (formerly Bolero) back in 2015 at your Harrison facility. He just turned 10. He’s a happy little boy (yes, spoiled).”

Diamond was adopted by her foster family!

Stevie’s update…
“My roommate and I adopted a sweet kitty named Octavia in September 2021 from SF ACC. I went back and looked at her old adoption advertisement post for the memories and I wanted to give an update on her!

We decided to rename Octavia to Stevie. We call her a lot of different nicknames like Steven, Steve-o, Stinky, Stinker, etc. It was serendipitous that we adopted her, because we originally were going to ACC to look at a different cat, and hadn’t even seen her listed online. But we fell in love with her and I’m so glad we adopted her!!

Stevie is such a sweet, spunky, and loving girl. She loves to hang out with us while we watch TV, chase bugs, and frolic in our backyard. She’s very social and likes to greet anyone who comes over by smelling their feet. She’s actually really into rubbing feet, so we call her our little freak! Most mornings she will cuddle in bed with me and knead on her fuzzy blanket.

We are so grateful to ACC for taking care of Stevie when she was surrendered, and for giving her the surgery needed for her leg! We hope whoever surrendered her feels comforted that she is well loved and taken care of. Thank you so much for all you do!”