March 2024

Senior duo Rocko & Miko found themselves at our shelter when their person died. They were adopted from us more than 10 years ago. Happily, friends of their owner flew to SF from Colorado to adopt them. Thank you!

Adoption update! Petra (now Coco) is living a happily spoiled life with her dad, Steve Adami. She was in her stroller about to enter Costco. She is 3 months old and getting bigger, and was so calm amidst the hustle and bustle around her. It was obvious he dotes on her so much and said she’s almost done with her puppy classes! What a proud girl dad! Her IG handle is @cocoinsf

Bernie the young conure was adopted last month after his previous owner died. We got an update from his adopter: “Bernie is such a beautiful bird and is doing great in training and very much loved.”

Pretty Miss Tidbit was adopted this weekend: “I adopted Tidbit and she settled into our home in no time! Just wanted to give y’all an update and let you know she’s doing great.”

Sweet Eloise and her fabulous ear floofs were adopted by one of our cat volunteers today! It was love at first sight!

Big boy Tuna was adopted today after waiting patiently for almost 4 months! He took his beloved unicorn stuffy home with him and had a little celebration in the parking lot. Happy tails!

Adoption update! “Enzo was found all alone, in a Hunters Point sheet metal yard parking lot in February 2021, weighing 7 ounces and the great person who brought his tiny self to SFACC is our unknown hero. He checked out to be healthy and was put in Foster care via SFACC, and the rest is awesome history! Enzo was a pandemic parking lot adoption after his neutering (oh my goodness I am sure Enzo thought he was being Tutored not Neutered) I facetimed his Foster Mom on a Friday and went to ACC parking lot the next Tuesday. When Enzo adopted me, he weighed just 2 lbs and today he’s 14 pounds of Tuxedo love. He adores his Big sis Grappa. We love Enzo so much and he’s a therapy kitty cuz he keeps 10 year old Grappa young and me too.

Thank you so much SF ACC for fostering Enzo a  nd giving him a chance to live. We love life with Enzo Furrari! He’s meowvalous!”

Adoption update! Mittens was adopted a couple of weeks ago and we just got an update: “Hey SFACC Fam, it’s Mittens, but my dad now calls me Hank. He grew up learning to read through the stories of a nefarious farm dog called, “Hank the Cowdog” and gave me the name in his honor. I’m doing great! Dad takes me out every morning for a five-mile run to the top of twin peaks. It’s my favorite part of the day besides going to the dog park where I am an absolute star!!! I shine bright when playing tug o’ war with new dog friends, get compliments from the onlooking humans, and play nicely with everyone while getting my zoomies out.

I am so polite when on leash walking exactly by my dad’s side, if not two steps behind, although I must admit when I know we are going to the dog park I put all my strength into getting dad to move faster. Because I’m always staying physically active my indoor personality is really reserved and I spend most of my time in my dog bed by the office window or on the couch as a reward for being a good boy. We have our first day of puppy school coming up and my vet introduction appt too! I’ll let you know how those go. Nevertheless, Dad gave me my first bath at the local pet shop and he said I did great! Nevermind my shy little whine and side eye when he used the blow dryer instead of towels.

Thanks for taking care of me, giving Walker the chance to love me, and stay tuned for more updates! With gratitude and love,Hank a.k.a. Mittens a. a. k. a. Hanky Panky“

Doodle puppy Marvin was adopted earlier this week. He has a new name, Sunny, and a new brother to play with.

Adoption update! Puppy cutie Chuckie (R) went home this weekend. His new name is Mack and he loves hanging out with his new big brother Cashew!

Purty Peach has been adopted! Her new name is Juniper.

This family adopted 3 cats: teen house panther siblings Wednesday & Puggsley, as well as handsome gent Olaf. One cat for each person!

Sweet beauty Luna. It took her a few weeks to find her confidence in the shelter thanks to the help of our volunteers. Now she’s in her furrever home!

Pretty pup Larkspur was adopted today! She was found on St Patrick’s Day and was adopted on Easter. Her new name is Shannon.

SFACC dog volunteer Rebecca adopted a cat, who’s now named Hashbrown! He was a stray with a big abscess on his back, but now he’s all healed up and has gone home to live with his dog sister.





Marshmallow and Fluffy



February 2024

Timothy McFreckle-Face, eager to leave the building, was adopted after three months at the shelter.

Wee puppy Bryony has a new family and a new name, Juneau. He will have a big brother to show him the way!

Sweet puppy Spritz (left) went home to learn the ropes with his new older sister.

Sweet little Tetra has a new home and a new name, Coco. Happy tails!

Handsome charmer Tiger has been adopted by an employee of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department!

Phoebe and her new family.

Enzo update (formerly known as Chowder)! “Hello! A month ago my partner and I adopted a puppy from your shelter. I just wanted to send some photos and a little update. He is a playful, friendly, and sweet puppy! LOVES THE SUN. Two weeks ago we started training and he already knows many tricks… he knows how to sit, stay, down, touch, look (he look at you), come, leave it. He’s a very smart boy!! He has a very particular way to sleep. we all love him”


Catanzarro, now Moonpie, was adopted by a senior cat volunteer.






Sugar Cookie


January 2024

Playful pup Clyde found his forever family! Everyone was so excited to take him home. Looks like Clyde has a couple of new siblings to keep him busy.

Update: Fluffy mama cat Gigi (fka Chica) was adopted in 2019. She’s flourishing in her forever home, getting lots of quality cuddle time and looking gorgeous!

Pretty Patch is going home to another cat – a brother that they adopted from SFACC in 12/2022.

Our longest term resident Guinea pig Daytona has been adopted!

Update: “I wanted to send you a little update on how your friend Violet is doing since she came to live with me on Christmas Eve this past year.

First, she is now called Vivie as in Voluptuous Vivie, some times Vicious Vivie as she has limited patience for brushing and some handling but we don’t let it stop us from living the good life. I waited until today to message you as today Viv had her first appointment with Dr. Gervais, her new vet and we learned that she has lost a little weight. She is now weighing in at about 16.6 pounds, down from her previous 17! Yippee, that’s good news as Viv has been working very hard on her figure! While you can’t tell from the attached photos she is definitely feeling vivacious in her new life and I am so, so pleased she found me!”

UPDATE: “I wanted to give y’all an update on Huckleberry. We renamed him to Bigby. (He is quite the Big boy.) We celebrated his 3 months recently with some froyo! He’s been getting along super well with our 7 and 4 year olds, and we are able to take him on loads of errands and adventures.

Also, turns out he was 73 lbs and vet says he’s closer to 1 year old! haha. He’s got that big puppy energy, but a really well mannered one. Outside of a little bit of dog reactivity that we’ve been making progress on, Bigby boy is turning out to be the perfect family cow, I mean dog.”





Pudgie Budgie



December 2023

This darling pup was found as a stray and when no one came to claim her, her finder adopted her. Her new name is Daisy. Check out how fast her little tail is wagging!

 Sweet and fluffy treat Mochi has been adopted.

Lovely cat Esme has been adopted by one of our volunteers.

Mooncake was adopted and now has an Instagram page: mooncake_da_pitt.

“Hello this is Kit. We adopted her from you all 9 years ago next month. We love her so much. Thanks for giving her a great start.”

Gwendil went home to live with a new sibling!

Kitten pair Blinker and Pom Pom went home together. Happy tails!

Handsome Fox is adopted! He’ll have fenced in one acre of land to run!!

“We picked up Wedge (fka Dickens) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2022. We were very quickly smitten, and it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since he joined our family. Lots of new experiences in the past 12 months: meeting his feline “siblings”, travel, hiking, plus lots of play and treats! We’re so happy with our choice to take the leap and bring Wedge into our home!”

Sweet little Mary has gone home! She has a new sibling (hanging out in the bag).

Hunka hunka love Zamboni has been adopted. He has a new pittie sister who he’s already played with and kissed. 

Super cute alum visit: Twinkle, formerly known as Trinket and adopted in 2021, came by to say hello and enjoy some treats. It was great to see her!

Pinto: “We renamed him Petey the dog like in the movie Little Rascals.”

Bonded kittens Soulsby & Sonora have gone home.

Piggy pair Cayenne and Pepper went home together. Double the piggies, double the love!

Lovely lady Violet was adopted and enjoyed Christmas in her new home.

Petite pittie cutie Petal has been adopted.

“I was the extremely nervous person who adopted Claudius on November 4th and was terrified to introduce him to my resident cat. Our little family is still a work in progress, but I think we’re getting there. He’s big on licking her ears.

In any case, Claudius (who has been renamed Clyde) is a sweet, playful cuddle!”





November 2023

Big Boy Atticus!

Happy Bunday foster win! “Happy Holidays! We are so grateful for Oreo (now named Stripes) to become a part of our family. Just in time for the holidays! I fostered him since September and all of us fell in love with him. He’s so good around my kids, playful and adventurous! He is my therapy bunny since he loves to hop on my lap and just gives me the best hugs and attention after a long day from work. I can’t wait to go home to him. Thank you for letting us adopt Stripes!”

“I adopted Mildred back in June and she’s settled in amazingly. She loves hiking, visiting the beach, stealing my dinner, and hanging out with her doggie friends! She also loves visiting different coffee shops and boba stores around SF”

Pretty Princess has found her family. Long may she reign in her new queendom!

 “I adopted Bentley at the beginning of October, im happy to share that he is settling in very well and is a happy gentleman! his name is also now Big Boy as from his adoptive description haha, he’s such a bundle of light and love! so lucky to have adopted him!”

“This is an update on Freyja! We adopted her in late September and she’s gotten comfortable with us very quickly. She’s a very curious kitty who likes to watch birds and people through the window she’s also super sweet and likes to hang out with the people she loves.”

“Hello! I adopted Humphrey in May of 2023, and I thought you guys would appreciate an update. He is my best friend through and through, and I love him dearly! We’ve since gone on so many adventures together and I can proudly say he’s my dog and I’m his person. He’s shown me time and time again that he was nothing but the right choice for me, and he would pick me over most things in this world, with the exception of a good treat. We’ve also moved from San Francisco to Nevada since I’ve gotten him, and being half Husky it was a good choice. The snow is his best friend. I could not be happier with him.”

Big puppy boy Ernie got himself a big family. Happy tails!

Artemis was adopted in March (aka Crackle) and we just got an update: “He’s doing really well. He’s a joy to behold. Thank you for helping bring some joy into our fam!”

“Freddy was adopted from SF ACC in 2017 and is living happily with his 2 other rescue siblings, Sasha and Hank. He’s also a semi-pro model.”

Senior sweetie Juno and shy beauty Ofortuna were adopted together.

Shy cutie Puss in Boots

Sweet scruffy pup Dorothy has found her way over the rainbow to her forever family!

Titus adoption update! “Hi! I adopted this (now grey) hunk from you 10 years ago
Titus has been an absolute blessing to our family over the past 10 years and brings us so much joy. Thank you for all that you do and especially thank you for bringing this love bug into our lives.”

Kitten brothers Leif and Eric the Red were adopted together.

Beautiful Olivia was adopted today and we already got a photo from her adopter! Here she is decompressing in the sink. We’re sure she’ll be moving on to cozy beds soon!

This couple found a stray cat, brought her in to us and when no one came in to claim her, they adopted her (after she was spayed) They named her Sacha Bertille.




Dottie and Snow were adopted together!