Maloos, meaning “very cute/loveable” in Persian, is a small orange tabby and white cat, sent to the U.S. by a group of concerned animal rescue workers in Iran. He flew almost 8,000 miles in 20 hours from Tehran to San Francisco, escorted by a passenger en route to the U.S.—as arranged by Sayeh Animal Guardians—and was surrendered to SFACC with the hope that this brave cat would receive medical attention and be put up for adoption. After examining him, ACC vets concluded that Maloos was born with congenital deformities in his hips and legs, causing him to drag his backside along the streets of Tehran. Following a bungled attempt to repair a part of Maloos’s deformity, his left hind leg was amputated in Iran. Also, either the object of cruelty or cruel fate, his face contained shrapnel embedded near his eye.
Because of the ongoing lack of funding for extensive medical treatment at ACC, Friends of SF/ACC stepped in to pay for surgery to remove the shrapnel from his face. Maloos recovered well from the surgery but he could not use his remaining hind leg to walk and had limited mobility, propelling himself with only his front paws. Friends provided an animal wheelchair/cart, which he eventually adapted to and was soon wheeling himself and playing. He was adopted and is now in a loving home.
Maloos is one example of how the funds raised by Friends of SFACC can help special medical needs animals that make their way to ACC, whether from across the city or across the world.