In October, SFACC had 128 direct adoptions (85 cats, 22 dogs, and 21 other species). An additional 210 animals were transferred to adoption partners (85 dogs, 85 cats, and 40 other species). Thank you to everyone involved in giving these animals a second chance!

The first dog adoption of October, sweet boy Wiggum (L) has gone home with his new canine sibling!


It’s our annual report from ACC alum Lily: “Hi ACC, It’s me, Libby… It’s been another adventure filled year as I celebrate my 8th year in my forever home. This year for my annual update I thought I’d share a typical day. It begins when mom gets up for work, she walks us all one by one (she says it’s so we can each have some alone time with her). Then comes breakfast, before mom leaves for work she hides boiled chicken around the house and once she leaves we go on our scavenger hunt (I used to have separation anxiety when I first arrived and would get into everything, mom says that’s not a problem anymore once I realized I get treats). Next we settle in for a nap till dad wakes up and takes us outside.He plays with us for an hour or so till he has to go to work, another nap… Mom comes home and she plays with us in our backyard for a while (backyard pic of us on bottom right) We then hang out until dinner time.

On mom’s days off that’s when we get our special outings to the park, the beach or various new places, and we do it all over again. Here are a few pictures of me and my housemates. Anyway, thanks again for finding me my perfect home. I’ll see ya all next year. Happy Pitbull Awareness Month… Libby”

10-year adoption update! Tabby boy Danger Dogg was adopted in 12/12. “He’s almost 10 1/2 years old now. And he is the sweetest and most unbelievably considerate mister cat. I’ve been in love since I saw him for the first time.” Such a good, handsome boy.

Lentil (L) and her new family.

Lucy with her new mom.

Maltese mix, Arepas.

Alumni visit! Sweet Mathilda, who was adopted in February, came by today with her mom for a visit and to donate food. What a beauty. Thank you!

17-yr-old Frenchie adopted!

Horton and his new family.



Picnic adopted and has an older (and larger) sibling.

Long-time resident Pink has gone home!

Three pomeranian pups have been adopted!


Spock and Midnight went home together!

Tanka has been adopted and has a new name: Mochi.

Little bunny Thao has gone home!

Sweet bun Dimples was adopted by one of our volunteers.

Wee hamster Renee went home.

Jiggle and Wiggle were adopted together.

Two of our fantail pigeons were adopted by a couple from Pittsburg who have an aviary!

October 2022