In July, SFACC had 70 adoptions (45 cats, 15 dogs, and 10 other species). In addition, the shelter transferred 268 animals to adoption partners (72 cats, 83 dogs, and 113 other species). A total of 338 animals got a second chance.

Bunday adoption update! “Freddie has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She is super sweet and loves hanging out with us in the living room. She entertains us with her binkies (sidekicks!) and zoomies. She’s also a great cuddler and listener — the kids love to read to her and it has really helped with their confidence. We are so grateful to our friend Angie and her family for doing such an amazing job fostering her and nurturing her into such a social butterfly. We love her so much!”

Woohoo! After waiting almost 4 months, sweet boy Jacob has been adopted!

After her 10-month stay at SFACC, Nancy has been adopted. Her new name is Daisy. Hooray! Kudos to the volunteers who helped Nancy during that time at the shelter by giving her consistent training and field trips.

Kitten pair Mork & Mindy have gone home together. Yay!

Little tabby kitten Marble was adopted by their foster.

Lovely senior gent Ernest has been adopted by a very happy family.

Sweet pup Minnie Mouse and her huge ears have gone home!

Mystery mutt puppy cutie Teeny has gone home! Looks like lots of kisses in their future!

Cuddlebug Starlight has found her forever family!

Beautiful Gloria was adopted! The adoption was a few weeks ago but it’s never too late to celebrate! Congratulations!


Beautiful Storm has a new family.

July 2023