SFACC Acting Ops Manager Ariana Luchsinger (left) holds one of the beneficiaries of a Friends of SFACC microgrant, and Friends board member Lauren Weston meets two new friends.

On March 30, Friends board members welcomed the recipients of the 2019 Friends of SFACC Adoption Partner Rescue Awards. A long-time program of Friends, the microgrants are distributed each year to Bay Area adoption partners who rescue animals from the shelter. This year, 20 organizations received microgrants totaling $50K for their work with SFACC in 2018.

The Bay Area’s strong network of animal adoption organizations is one of the key reasons SFACC is able to maintain a high level of success. Whether in response to environmental disasters, urban intrusion, cases of displacement, loss, neglect, or abuse, our adoption partners expand SFACC’s capacity to rescue animals by accepting animals from us and rehabilitating, fostering, and finding them forever homes or releasing them back to the wild.

Patty La Cava, representing Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue was the first to accept a grant and expressed how impressed and grateful she is to work with SFACC’s professional staff and volunteers “SFACC is my favorite shelter to work with–their work with rescue groups is exceptional and really stands out.” Other recipients echoed Patty’s sentiments. The appreciation is felt on both sides! Beyond helping to ensure that these organizations have the resources to support their work, Adoption Partner Grants keep the Bay Area rescue community engaged with SFACC, widening our collective reach and expanding our potential adopter base.

Sherry Frankin, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue (L), accepts her grant from Friends of SFACC board member Andrea Gremer.

Some of the animals that our adoption partners take on are among the hardest to save: animals that need extensive medical and behavioral rehabilitation. The special-needs work they do is remarkably resource intensive and we’re grateful for each organization and their unwavering dedication to saving animals’ lives.

Friends of SFACC Board Member Timothy Tandun and Genevieve Herreria (Board Chair) get to know sociable Kensy, a former racing pigeon and available for adoption through Palomacy.

2019 Adoption Partner Rescue Award Recipients

Adoption partner representatives at the Sports Basement reception

Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue (BASH)
Bulldog Norcal Rescue
Beyond Rescue
Coppers Dream
Dog Zone
Give Me Shelter
Grateful Dogs Rescue
Mickaboo Bird Rescue
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue
Ratical Rodent (formerly North Star)
Save a Bunny Rescue
SFROMP (SF Rescued Orphan Mammal Program)
Shep Heros
Snap Cats
Sonoma Reptile Rescue
Town Cats
Toy Dog Rescue
Wonder Cat
Wonder Dog

Adoption Partner Rescue Awards 2019