Long-time resident Ash has been adopted!

Pumpkin was adopted last week and we already have an update! “He is adjusting to his new home very quickly. He is a load of sweetness and chill. He loves to balance between “me time” and one-on-one petting sessions.” His adopter hopes his former person (who had to surrender him because they were too ill to care for him) will see this post and know that “He is loved and happy.”

Cutie pie bun Biscuit has found her forever family, who adopted a hamster from us last year!

Adoption update! Bella (formerly Baby Beluga) was adopted in February after patiently waiting for months. “She is loving life!” And she’s sure looking great! One of our dog volunteers reports “I get the great pleasure of dog-sitting her when momma is out of town.”

Reunited and it feels so good! This black and white cutie is Rio. He was stolen from his owner’s car (as well as all the belongings from the car) at 12 weeks old and after filing police reports, hiring pet detectives, and looking for her puppy for about 6 months, she finally gave up looking and moved on with her life. Fast forward 1 ½ years later and this dog arrives as a stray and his microchip links to the woman whose puppy was stolen. They are now happily reunited! Had it not been for the microchip she never would have seen her beloved puppy again. She is thankful to the staff for all their care of Rio while he was with us. Microchip your pets and make sure the information is updated when you move! 

Another update on Poppy (formerly Priscilla): “Hi Family! Tracy tells me I am the best ever girl and I am home. I think home means she takes me on lots of walks and lets me sniff, she knows how to scratch the best spot, she talks to me in a silly voice, she accidently drops bacon, she doesn’t care if I don’t bring the ball back, she lets me sleep on the bed in my spot, and she always tells me she loves, loves, loves me. I give her my best ever love back. Larry is pretty okay too. Bye!”

House panther sweetie Gigi has been adopted!

Darling pup Girl Scout has gone home!

Wee kitten Kryze has found her furrever family!

Adoption update! Tuxie beauty Anni-Frida was adopted in 12/22 as a kitten. “Anni-Frida (we also call her Lulu) is a playful and active kitty, and the whole family is having a blast with her.”

Sweet little kitten Cobbler was adopted this weekend. He has a new name, Kiwi, and lots of fun toys to play with.

Wee house panther Paco has been adopted!

Bonded tabby teens PJ and JJ have found their forever family!

Sweet tuxie gal Fennel has a new home and a new name: Miss Mittens! 

Raise the roof! Bonded pair Salt & Pepper have been adopted!



Sterling with her new mom, who then had her DNA tested and here are the results…



Willow, now Raven


May 2023