8/18/2023  Officer Mullen reports…

Earlier this week, I was working in dispatch when I received a call from the DHL warehouse. They heard and noticed webbed feet pacing back and forth in one of the warehouse skylights. Due to the height of the building the best way to gain access was coordinating with the San Francisco Fire Department for use of their tall ladders to reach the bird. Officer Ryer and Officer Quirke were sent out to investigate the best way to free this gull. SFFD met them at the DHL warehouse and were able to help the officers gain access to the roof. After a long climb up to the roof they found the gull stuck in a sunken skylight, unable to get enough lift to get out.

Officer Quirke used a net to scoop up the bird. The bird was unharmed and was able to be released from the roof and rejoin the group of gulls that were circling above.

There are times when we are on calls and need assistance from the Fire Department or Police Department and they are always just a call away and will be there to help. We work closely with these teams and support them when they have animal encounters and need our expertise.

“Seagull” is a general term for all species of gulls. There are over 50 different types of gulls and some do not even live near the sea. Gulls can drink both fresh and salt water. They have a special gland above their eyes that flush the salt from their systems though openings in their bill. This allows them to fly long distances over water and stay hydrated. Gulls are very clever and have been observed passing behaviors on to their young, such as stomping their feet in a group to imitate rainfall to trick the earthworms to come to the surface. Gulls work together as a mob and will harass larger predators and steal their prey.

Gulls are everywhere in the city. The younger grey fledglings are just finishing up their flight school and soon will be wearing the traditional white and grey attire. If you ever notice a gull out of place or injured, please do not hesitate to call our dispatch at 415-554-9400 and we will send someone out to assess the situation. Thank you for helping to keep our urban wildlife happy and thriving.

August 18, 2023 – seagull trapped in warehouse