Playful kitten Randy has been adopted by SFACC Animal Care Attendant Tom and his son, summer intern Jake!

Double rabbit adoption! Bonded pair Egypt & Pharaoh have gone home. Hoppy tails!

Adoption update! “Hello, just wanted to update you on Fritz (previously Jax). I adopted her about 3 years ago and she is the best dog i could’ve asked for! Fritz is always happy to go on adventures and loves the beach + park. She loves spending time in our backyard sunbathing as much as she can and enjoying our fresh berries from the garden. She is happy, healthy and definitely the most spoiled girl ever. Thank you so much for everything you do! You can also follow along to see her next adventures on Instagram @fritzinsf “

Sweet boy Roger was adopted and he’s going to have a new brother.

Guinea pig sisters Blossom & Buttercup adopted after the young adopter presented his research and prep to his family in Power Point!

Fun pup Valentino has gone home! He’s going to have a new canine sister Gidget.

Smart puppy Josey has picked her family. Tag, you’re pawrents!

Rattie sisters Lola & Nikki have been adopted together! Happy tails!

Super sweet bunny Drizzle has been adopted! Looks like lots of fun & love are in store!

Kitten cuties Nigel and Percy were adopted together! We love it when kittens go home in pairs: double the love and fun!

Sweet wee scruffimuffin Angus was adopted today! His adopter has adopted from us not once, but twice before. 

Kitten cutie Ferguson was adopted by one of our dog volunteers!

Darling piggie Emmylou has been adopted! She has a new sibling in forever home.

Sweet kitten boy Ice was adopted! He was the last of his litter; he was just waiting for his forever family to show up.

Big sweetie Eggo has gone home with a canine sibling with a very similar look. Twinning!

Petite sweetie Zelda has gone home!

Darling pup Curtis has gone home with his new family, including a new big canine sister. 

Purrfectly named Just Beautiful has been adopted! 

Butterscotch has gone home with her forever family. Hoppy tails!


Extra (on the right, now Barnabas) and his new sister California Sweet Potato (Cali).

Gin has been adopted and going home to an older cat sibling.





Momo and Too Cute were adopted together. Yay!

Nook and Cranny are going home together!


August 2023