In October, SFACC had 79 adoptions (37 cats, 27 dogs, six rabbits, five guinea pigs, two rats, one gecko, and one cockatiel). In addition, the shelter transferred 226 animals to adoption partners (105 cats, 83 dogs, 34 wildlife, two rats, one chinchilla, and one snake). A total of 305 animals got a second chance!

Sweet Cora has gone home! She’d been waiting patiently since early August. We’re going to miss her, but we’re thrilled she found her family!

Adoption update! “Hi – It has been 7 months since we were lucky enough to get Poppy (aka Priscilla). I wanted to let you and your team know she is the BEST dog and brings us so much joy and love.

She went through training and knows all the basics plus some fun stuff and walks on and off leash like a champ. She loves to hike off leash, play with the big jolly ball in the back yard, sleep on the bed and most of all get love and snuggles.

We love her through and through and can’t imagine life without her.”

Chonky lovebug Bentley has gone home.

Fluffy boy Angel has gone home to live with some new piggy siblings!

Husky beauty Fairy Dust.

Guthrie has gone home.

Batito! He was adopted only last month and we swear he’s gotten even bigger! He looks like a grown up, very handsome dog. 

Sweet senior Teacup Chloe has been adopted by a couple who recently lost their pittie. And we have a couple of updates. She’s settling in nicely!

 Lop eared sweetie Lucas has been adopted.

Kitten Harvey Dent was adopted by his fosters. Yay for foster wins!

Teen kitten Otter has gone home. He was adopted before we even got a good photo of him!

Wee bun Casala has gone home. She was adopted from us earlier this year, but was returned when her adopter became too ill to take care of her. Hoppy tails!

Yay fluffy Chef Carmy! The floofiest bun got a fabulous forever home with a bunny sibling.

Bonded kitten pair Eggplant and Beet have gone home together and they have even more delicious names: Zatar and Lebna!

Teeny puppy Bao Bao has gone home! Looks like lots of kisses are in store for his new family.

Teens Wally and Niles went home together with an adopter who recently lost her senior cat. We love it when pairs stay together!

Senior sweetie Hollie has gone home. Happy tails!

Sweet boy Gus has gone home.






Sam is his family’s first cat. Congrats!


Thumper, now Nova.


October 2023