For the past three years, artist Favianna Rodriguez has worked on a public art project with the San Francisco Arts Commission (@sf_arts_commission) for the new SFACC facility. We’re super excited about the gorgeous new art she’s creating for our shelter. She recently shared a few thoughts about the project’s status…

“I love animals and I believe in interspecies friendships, as well as the protection of ALL species. That’s why I’m so excited about this shelter project! Over the past few weeks, my team and I have been making progress with the building, painting the walls with my designs, and preparing for the arrival of the majestic creatures. These babies are looking sooo fly!! The cat looks like she is royalty from outer space. Doggo look like they’re waiting for me to throw the ball. The iguana just makes my heart sing! These cuties were finally wrapped up and prepared for transport. I’m really thrilled to have worked with Magnolia Editions (@magnoliaeditions) to produce these cuties. The folks packing the art are Atthowe Fine Art Services (@atthowefineartservices). What I love is that all these companies are located in West Oakland, near my studio!! The painters who I’m working with are all Bay Area OGs as well! Artists supporting each other, yes!”

Thank you, Favianna, for honoring all species in your designs. SFACC’s mission is to do the same–protecting and caring for all animals in San Francisco. Your art embodies the wonderful spirit that animals bring to our lives.

See more of Favianna’s work on her website.


New Building Art Celebrates All Species