In March, SFACC had 47 adoptions (10 cats, 16 dogs, and 21 other species). In addition, the shelter transferred 192 animals to adoption partners (38 cats, 68 dogs, and 86 other species). A total of 239 animals got a second chance. Thank you to everyone involved!

Yay! Spectre the skinny pig has gone home!

Moth is off to his forever home. His youngest adopter definitely won’t forget Moth’s bag of kibble.

Firefly has been adopted and is clearly ready to start her modeling career. Look at that pose!

Puppy cutie Suzy went home with a new brother, Boone. Looks like they went to the same Blue Steel school of modeling.

Guinea pig cutie Alfredo has been adopted and went home to live with a guinea pig brother.

POPPY UPDATE: “Hi SFACC Family – Just wanted to end your week on a light note with an update on Poppy (formerly Priscilla). She is so happy here and we are so happy she has joined our family. She and Teddy are the best of friends, she got a new coat which she loves, and a new bed which she loves (only for day use – nights she is in the bed with us!) and she is def not a fan of rainy weather! But Saturday will be sunny so we are going on a hike tomorrow.

She is the perfect fit for our family and we are so grateful to SFACC staff and volunteers. Really, we would have paid tens of thousands for this beautiful lovey squishy perfect girl!”

Little guy Crackle has been adopted! His new name is Artemis.

Sweet pup Tara was adopted yesterday! Her new name is Luna and she’s doing great with her new family!

Teeny tiny chi Kiwi has been adopted! She joined her new sister Frijolita, who was adopted from us last year.







Our resident hunk Roman has gone home!

March 2023