Timothy McFreckle-Face, eager to leave the building, was adopted after three months at the shelter.

Wee puppy Bryony has a new family and a new name, Juneau. He will have a big brother to show him the way!

Sweet puppy Spritz (left) went home to learn the ropes with his new older sister.

Sweet little Tetra has a new home and a new name, Coco. Happy tails!

Handsome charmer Tiger has been adopted by an employee of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department!

Phoebe and her new family.

Enzo update (formerly known as Chowder)! “Hello! A month ago my partner and I adopted a puppy from your shelter. I just wanted to send some photos and a little update. He is a playful, friendly, and sweet puppy! LOVES THE SUN. Two weeks ago we started training and he already knows many tricks… he knows how to sit, stay, down, touch, look (he look at you), come, leave it. He’s a very smart boy!! He has a very particular way to sleep. we all love him”


Catanzarro, now Moonpie, was adopted by a senior cat volunteer.






Sugar Cookie


February 2024